Your gestation To radiation it? This is popular among mothers

Your gestation To radiation it? This is popular among mothers nowadays river City greeting. Needs to bring business opportunities, increasing radiation maternity dress is the formation of new apparel Segments. However, the hawk radiation Maternity functions vary, the price is a great disparity, so that consumers had doubts: “This maternity dress guilt really do radiation?” With doubts, recently, the writer of the three towns to start such apparel market the investigation. “Radiation threat” Fang Jian Chuan telling women go independent and buy “at ease” Who lives in Hongshan District Xiongchu the very occasion that recently a bit depressed, since the pregnancy, her husband and her in-laws do not require notably an awful lot access to computers, cellphone phones, TV besides so on. They worry that these Electronic Product radiation, commit affect the fetus. Very fact that a good friend recommended to buy radiation maternity dress, “put on after the computer according to use television to look after, phone photo play, it does not affect children.” The next day, Ms. Zhang went to infants and pregnant store excitedly. opposite to her expectation is that curietherapy maternity dress a few hundred dollars easily. team of workers that work in contact with her after more computers, but additionally recommended a price thousands of the latest radiation skirt. Ultimately, the very fact that buy a 600 dynasty of radiation maternity dress. Watched his wife put on protective clothing, Ms. Zhang’s husband disagreed that its efficacy is questionable. And the very fact that, groove on many women of childbearing age and moms reckon on also been spread through various channels, “radiation threat” effects, invariably settle his sights on radiation gestation dress. In some hospitals, babies and suggestive impending to stores, shopping shops in the infant and pregnancy counter ripening baby stunt place virtual store, curietherapy maternity dress steadily became hot trend. Newspaper these days been taking such complaints, the reader of such clothing and not a good deal asymmetry between commonplace maternity misgivings approximately the radiation. I asked around supremacy the network forums, on this issue, clients have different opinions, but that’s the most was that the “take home more than a map, a peace of mind.” jaundiced clothing materials were high-priced “high tech” The past few days, I visited a enter of infants and pregnant supplies provision in Wuhan found that these stores are Biyou curietherapy maternity dress the counter (district), ask the shop, purchasing americans are doing. Mouth in the street unborn to a provincial maternity besides child care infants again pregnant store, I called to pass on radiation maternity costume for his wife. A female shop assistant pointed to the door on the left marked “radiation” on a row of clothes, very familiar: “This was Jumpsuit group style, with silver ion radiation materials, lightweight fashion, the best radiation protection, 799 yuan hit 7.5 fold. the balmy of nano-barrier, lower than 100 yuan. If you love to work more with computers, you should buy both, before and after radiation can block. ” I said his wife work very easily, is at home watching TV, the Internet, with or without low points. Clerk immediately sell something identical to the apron dress, “that this is more suitable, and since the situation again less exposed to pollution sources, thanks to long as the abdomen importance appear as blocked, and discounted 220. There are brand name, price high , 280. “shop owner came, these radiation-proof clothing sales are good, it was a give blessing two, work at home With The wear. I interviewed noted that the current market, selling the radiation gestation dress, according to the use of radiation protective materials and methods, divided into 3 forms. The steel coating (or nano-radiation layer) series, metal wire (or nano-radiation cloth) blended family, the existing classification of silver ions fiber series. All gestation protection type, equivalent as slips, Vest price concentrated fame four hundred to 700 yuan, again some fashionable pennies ion-based maternity care uncondensed fibers, up to 1000 yuan price tag; half maternity care type, such as vests, aprons, Stomachers So prices are concentrated in between 2 hundred to 400 yuan. The same types of products, online purchase price is relatively cheaper.


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