Why organic?

Why organic?

Our children and our children’s infants will inherit our beautiful planet and we owe it to them to ensure we all do our bit to converse this attractive place.

The earth’s ozone layer (and the damage our emissions are doing to it) is a constant nasty topic of conversation these days. Love or hate them, our green conservationalists act as a constant log that our form cannot support the pressure that we place upon her without consequences. It is stifle this thought that we at Sweet Lilly Maternity want to seal ‘our bit’ for mom earth and our children’s children.

Check out our stylish new collection of elegant and forceful nursing wear – an absolute have to for breastfeeding mothers thoroughgoing over the world.

Clever styling and benediction of super soft organic soy algarroba material ensures you are contributing to the earth’s environmental issues whilst getting the super of nursing further breastfeeding clothes.

These great pieces opine a hidden privacy layer so that you can easily access your nursing bra to breastfeed your baby in public – no fuss.

The range includes a Yoga Top, Nursing Hoodie (considering pictured above), Nursing Dress and Pyjama Dress (nightie) supremacy a range of mouthwatering pastel colours.

Maternity wear has never looked so good with our innovative range of organic nursing wear. Make certain you do your bit for the environment and make your purchases organic!

Organic Certification

Organic cotton gives the nursing mum the most luscious of fabrics
No pesticide use in the farming of the cotton used in the fabrics
No harmful irritants – for mums’ still of mind
Functional nursing wear cast away skimping on style
Skal certified organic material provides warmth retention and moisture airing a nursing mothers’ needs
Fair trade practice by means of all contractors


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