whilst you spend time stow away mary Stengel Austen, you

whilst you spend time stow away mary Stengel Austen, you come away with one
feeling. “That broad is affable.” closest thinking it over, you might
find peculiar words which describe her: smart, realistic,
enthusiastic, tough minded, determined, articulate, strategic, focused.
But you’ll always include convivial in your memory of her because that’s
what she is.

Perhaps she has to be that landing as a result of of the two most significant
challenges command her life: managing five trivial children and coping with one
of the largest ad agencies in this part of the country, Tierney
Communications. Affable is good, perhaps necessary.

Having grown upgrowth pull this area, mademoiselle thus graduated from Lafayette College
and was directed to a job string sales for evolve copier company. Quickly
convinced that she was not made for a operate revenue role, she found her
way into the former Spiro agency and found the career that challenged
her, enthused her besides excited her. Obviously, she loved what she did
and, after a few other steps forward, she still loves what she does as
president besides CEO of Tierney further its 135 employees.

Mary sees great opportunity for the advertising motion but she
insists that success will come to the ones who understand that it be a
“time for new reality.” That’s her way to acknowledge and respect
change which is happening faster and faster. She believes that
agencies must remodel more quickly to market changes, era changes
and even to the changing expectations of employees. more than ever
before, she hopes that Tierney is qualification and warm-hearted clients’
perceptions of their own needs which often change with the speed of

Her concerns for the ordinary health of the agency haste are
partially based on the pressures clients believe in these changing times.
It’s not a deeper thought that stubborn relationships with consumers are vital
for ad businesses. However, those relationships are harder and harder to
develop because of the pressures of time and the pressures of the
bottom line. However, she says the key to a superb client relationship
is no different instanter than it was opulent agedness ago. Just remember that
“It’s not about you, it’s about your client.” Good advice.

When pressed, she has any advice for clients, too. Directed to clients
in just a few words, the “wisdom” of mary Stengel Austen is simple to
state. She could ask them to be careful about articulating the business
plan and the marketing objectives to the agency. dame would itch them to
have realistic expectations approximately their marketing/advertising efforts.
She would hope for an open, honest working courting with the agency
and a consistent viewpoint about image, brand and revenue. daughter also fully
understands that clients have their own pressures and from time to time are
forced to abandon well thought out plans.

A consistent lesson has guided her in her home life, in college again in
her function. She has found out the stress of being able to multi-task.
She says that illumination to “juggle” has helped her in her career and in
her role as a mom. According to her, “Kids and clients regard helped
me to learn how to prioritize again have compelled me to remain
focused.” She further explains, “Both clients and children need
to think over if they are the most important thing in your world.” In
these two separate situations, they are, therefore it’s working out quite well
for Mary, for Tierney and now her family.

Predictably, her hopes for her own line cover a broad spectrum of
topics. When she thinks about her life in impressive years, she superlative mentions
her family and its importance. Then she talks about continuing to enjoy
her work, about carrying on with to learn and grow also continuing to do the
things she does best. She is uncommonly comfortable and enjoys
managing good people and hopes to remain that function. babe also
wants as much strategic enterprise as possible, both in her own
operation and leverage the operations of clients.

She gives an interesting example. When a customer crisis occurs, she
hopes to give a contribution to the strategy/solution and to “Slow things down
when others are compelled to speed things up.” baby doll seems calm
and, apparently, is convinced that calm and thinking is better than
frenzied and active without a good plan.

Mary Stengel author is even fresh than a busy, a success executive at
Tierney and a busy, beneficial family doll. She is also a
committed attorney of the community, serving on innumerable boards including
the Please Touch Museum, Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital, Maternity Care
Coalition, Philadelphia Ad Club, soldier college Advisory
Council and as Chairperson of the university Economy League.

She lives connections Radnor with her husband, Peter, who is an Insurance Broker
and her five children: Thomas(8), andrew (7), Christopher (6), John (4)
and Sally (2).

Affable? Yes. a hit? set. A refined combination!

Allan Kalish founded, managed again sold Kalish & Rice, one of
Philadelphia’s largest ad businesses. He is currently chairman of
Trichys, providers of
intranet and extranet solutions for online relief and

document sharing.


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