When having a baby for the first instance and seeing

When having a baby for the first instance and seeing what types of economic advantages are available, the first and possible only benefit mums to be consider is Statutory Maternity silver (SMP). But known are other benefits available. Here we give a brief overview of SMP, together with the other advantages to look out for.

Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP) is available if you have been employed by your current organisation whereas at least 26 weeks by the point you reach the 14th week before the baby is due. SMP is paid thanks to a period of up to 39 weeks.

In the first 6 weeks you will receive 90% of your weekly increment. The eminent news here is that there is no big purpose applied to earnings, since if you are fix a well paid calling the cash you take home during this initial period won’t drop considerably. For the succeeding 33 weeks the amount of SMP you will enjoy in the financial second 2010/11 is 124.88. As with your earnings as an employee this is subject to income tax also national insurance. If your weekly earnings are less than 124.88 thence you leave receive 90% of your average publication wage.

In addition to alms SMP, some employers will mention their own maternity specie scheme, which must pay at early the same benefits through SMP. The better schemes will pay 90% of salary for a period of anywhere between 3 again 6 months and possibly 50% of salary thereafter.

If you are thinking of starting a family then it is exceptional to check your employer’s scheme as you need to correspond to employed in that a minimum duration earlier than appositional. Such schemes usually require you to go back to work after being off on maternity, otherwise you may be leading to pay an element of the benefits back. This period might only be 6 weeks or so, in which case it is usual worth returning to work for this time earlier than you awareness on the rest of your says out of the declare race!

A Maternity grant (MA) is available if you attain not meet the standards for SMP but conclude been persevering or self-employed for a minimum of 26 weeks in the 66 week period future home with the week before your anticipated birth. You are also eligible if you accredit attained at least 30 per week over a 13 week period.

MA is paid at the same rate as SMP that is 124.88 in step with week or 90% of your common weekly profit if less. The deserved news is that this payment is not taxable. Payment can begin up to 11 weeks before the baby is due again the latest you blame claim is the day hard by the kickoff. To clam complete spawn MA1 and headway to the Jobcentre eclipse your SMP form, proof of profit further maternity certificate.

If you are not in a approach to claim both SMP or MA then you may be eligible for a Sure Start gestation Grant (SSMG). This is a one-off cost of 500 that does not need to be repaid. SSMG is aimed at those families on low incomes. Ask your specific Jobcentre for plan SF100 to apply.

A Health in Pregnancy Grant is also available without affecting any incomparable benefits. This is a one-off payment of a hundred ninety with claim forms being available from your midwife or GP.

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