Today’s Maternity, keep up the trend of contemporary clothing, fashion

Today’s Maternity, keep up the trend of contemporary clothing, fashion aura. Hui Chen told reporters, “I run fine clothing Q Mummy, outgoing slogan is?? Huai End pregnant, you can unruffled wear the gestation dress. This year the singable cake skirt, chiffon mini Floral skirt, princess missy are can be modified into maternity wear. HC attire Network Wang after 80, most recently was a worry, the pleasure of pregnant child just the past two months, she found that many terminated clothes closet can no longer wear the the. Her mother suggested that she “wear Sportswear Go to work, I used to when you are pregnant, wearing your dad’s clothes on the way to deal tuck away later. “As a white-collar Wang can think about, can not see our customers so slovenly to it, it will seriously affect the image of the workplace. She said to the author’s message,” bearings there is pretty Zhuzhou Maternity Sell? as a result of no suitable clothes to wear, I had to cut back the number of social activities. “Wang had the same question with mothers no longer unusual, with their problems, recently visited the city several primary commercial street, as well over key clothing Market. institute in the interview, plan models, well-made gestation dress is rare in the market, while the exclusive maternity store, but a few. This state, known through the home relative “Ten apparel market,” one of the Zhuzhou is absolutely a little discomposed. But a few merchants, painfully aware that this is a dawn industry, garment industry, and should the occasion again to pilgrimage a maternity store or wholesale line, and get recognized by the market. Market demand, spring pregnancy special store equipment Previous total giving mothers in a dirty feeling, because the traditional view, the pregnant, how would not have dressed progress. Ms Yang has been 5 years old toddlers were lamenting that “when I became pregnant, only to tired loose suspenders, buy a few attractive outer flavor of the blonde , Were unable to discover. ” working Maternity easily have been 4 dotage of experience Wenfeng told the author that, “the former maternity over gowns, style single, identical color.” Easy to do, Wenfeng 2000 Pajamas Business, he found that pregnant mothers entrust commonly come to the shop to select color stylish nightdress, modified to suit the Maternity wear out, he was keenly felt, there’s a huge market direct. So from 2005, he began operating the universal services goal pregnant line, he has a total of Proxy A dozen different styles of maternity brand. He told the author that, “Today’s mothers are different from their mother’s generation, flush if pregnant, they have to dress up the United States and the United States to own the. They want to continue to pulchritude graceful throughout pregnancy, not only for themselves, but also bring joy and confidence for the baby. ” further another post pregnancy clothes shop owner Chen Hui instructed reporters, “I chose to sell maternity, because Zhuzhou market, suitable for weighty women wear captivating clothing excessively small.” Hui Chen that, before the market very Maternity hard to find, because many previous economic pressure forced moms that pregnancy is strikingly short, prominence edict to temporarily change the shape and set a number of specialized clothing, in noted economic waste besides less therefrom the market needs. But with the girls after 80 have stepped into the marriage hall, in the next few years, they will become field to mother’s main groups, these cutting-edge of the girls, advocating individuality, the pursuit of self, spending power, they pay more attention to maternity gown for practical, however must attend the workplace, party, travel and other occasions of wear needs, emphasis on natural and comfortable. Maternity special shop run is 80 years in order to punch this demand for planned mothers. Obviousness Wenfeng also believe that offering maternity special shop, is a sunrise industry, fewer competitors. Pregnancy fashion wear, advocate kazakh Korea line Look at Fortune’s numerous wholesale line atlas, I found that today’s maternity, followed the trend of contemporary clothing, fabricate aura. Hui Chen told reporters, “I run fine clothing Q Mummy, played slogan is?? Huai End pregnant, you can still apathetic the maternity gown. This popular cake dress Floral chiffon mini skirt, princess skirt, unimpaired can be modified relevance maternity bum. All in all, this year’s Korean elements of fashion, where you can find the appropriate maternity gown. “obviousness Wenfeng also affirmed,” there is generally the young girl ran into the shop for dream up to buy again these maternity wear as fashion. ” Maternity leading search station can I get certain pretty maternity dress? The author traveled pedestrian street, Tianyuan District, Shaoshan, the central square, after the construction of South Road, create a few good places to buy for your reference: 1, Shopping Centre The 5th floor of a maternity vocation 100 counters, but less variety.


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