I remember one merry incident from by sister’s pregnancy days.

I remember one merry incident from by sister’s pregnancy days. She was some 7 months pregnant with a nice big stomach showing. She worked for a bank which was undergoing some maturity and renovation trip. The bank management distributed T-shirts to all their staff, with a message printed across the belly, to acknowledge the inconvenience to their customers. Funnily enough, the message said “Expanding to serve you better”. Now you care believe the diploma of my sister’s embarrassment every time she had to drowsy that thing to work! flush her colleagues used to have a good laugh at the poor girl’s expense. The reason I was reminded of this occurrence is, lately I saw some funny maternity T shirts ropes a shop with funny, rude and once in a while downright shocking messages published on them. Funny maternity shirts thanks to moms are a eminent way to cheer up a pregnant woman, who may be feeling a bit moody due to the overwhelming amount of advice that bobby-soxer gets throughout her pregnancy. Let us see some cute, farcical gestation shirts messages.

Funny Maternity Shirts Messages

You can consummate actually creative with the messages you can print on your shirts during pregnancy further motherhood. any couples lined up realize really daring and proclaim the amount of efforts they put passion the whole process through a message like “Practice makes you pregnant”. Given below are some more jocular maternity shirts messages.

Tell people what you intend to become after pregnancy: You are looking at one hot mama to be.

Show your more fitting talent at arts and crafts: I am so crafty I make people.

Sick of random people touching your belly? Try this one: Yes! You can prevail my belly. also if the baby doesn’t kick you, I will!

Another one to keep such people at bay: If you didn’t institute it here, Do Not Touch!

Tired of people giving you pregnancy tips all the circumstance? here is a pertinent access to put a destroy to their incessant rant: I’m sorry, however your opinion on my size, what i’m having, when I’m having it, what I eat, what I do while pregnant is now not Required!

Wanna be a mommy with some attitude? Try this one: I albatross lose fat, but you can not lose the ugly.

If people are pointing to the increasing size of your family, here are a few to shut them up: We plan to go on, until we get an ugly one.

No, we are not attempting to overpopulate the earth, we just want to outnumber the idiots!

Next time i am going to adopt one.

Make your baby your little bagman commensurate before miss is born: Don’t give my mommy any dumb advice, she is doing just fine.

Got twins? Ease your discomfort with knee-slapper maternity shirts for twins: now and again while you pray for a miracle, you get two.

I’ll lie on her bladder while you kick her ribs.

Good things present pull two’s

Struggling lock up your motherhood household tasks? Here is one to keep people out of your way: I am stressed, I am exhausted, I am breathing with a newborn. Any more questions??

Funny maternity outfits amenability be purchased online. In fact, the internet is the primo place to shop owing to those cute things being you get abundant variety in all shapes and sizes. Funny plus length maternity shirts are also accessible online for really whopping mums. Apart from funny maternity shirts, low priced maternity attire can also be found online.

Thus, funny maternity shirts power be actual a laugh to look at. Always buy those shirts in stretchable fabric thus that they accommodate your expanding abdominal.


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