Employees are entitled to statutory maternity leave when they are

Employees are entitled to statutory maternity leave when they are pregnant to prepare for the outset and to consume the culminating important months lock up their baby. Employers may offer their employees a fresh generous maternity leave scheme than the statutory minimum fix the agreement of employment. An employment lawyer can make clear the sections in your contract that relates to pregnancy and time off. However, employers are not allowed to agreement an employee too less than the statutory minimum gestation leave. An employee is free to decide whether or not they wish to take integral or some of their maternity entrust. However, they are obliged to take compulsory maternity leave. Employment law is clear on this point. You cannot avoid compulsory maternity leave. An worker must take a period of two weeks off racket hard by the birth of their baby. If an employee works importance a factory, the obligatory maternity leave period is four weeks dispatch work after the birth of their child. It is illegal under employment law for an employee to work during their compulsory maternity leave, and their agency will be fined if the employee returns to work within the two or four week period. It is a summary offence, which means the employer commit have no defence. The employeeâ


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