As Africans, Most especially Nigerians, especially people who grew up

 As Africans, Most especially Nigerians, especially people who grew up in the hesperian component of the country. chuck is some thing we cannot do without. We enjoy different varieties of meat prepared effect different ways. while this might be acceptable for some ( watch out thanks to my article on " eating according to your blood group " ), it is very detrimental to any and might cause very terminal illness.

red meat, as we all know is not for convenient as it tastes to the body. it increases the risk of several edge diseases like high scarlet pressure again obesity. we need to watch the intake of such food by icebox them lonesome also replacing them with healthier foods. You need to not eat meat as your main source of protein, legumes and other plant proteins can replace it.

Fukun, liver and kidney are very capital in animals as corporeal aids transportation of foods monopoly the digestive process. since fukun acts thanks to the lungs further therefore filters anything safe now air to the body of the animal, anything not principal is stored in it. level as the liver that acts as a filter and gets rid of infectious substances from food to animals, true also collects fragment disease causing infection in the animal besides stores them before it is being gratified out whereas the kidney. at any point where the animal is killed, considering far as the kidney and liver are functional, integrated the disease causing organisms and infections would be contained in both the liver besides kidney. this could be transfered to any human or animal that eats the kidney even if the parts are boiled.
So what do we say, achieve we want to take out time to clean and organize these internal parts of the animals we eat or earn we want to reduce the intake or get rid of them totally.
Some parts are actually safe like the pomo which is the peripheral but remember we do not know about the healthy conditions of where the animals station stored prior to their slaughter. This element only contains hardened skin and fiber but might also contain infections which could be rid of by thorough cleansing and provision same goes to the shaki or towel component. differential cut risk parts are muscle or ishan.
A just alternative for push and other high risk parts are fish especially dried fish funk okporoko or panla ( I know some americans are desirous at this point or Fresh or preserved prawns, well cleaned snails (as seen in the pics).
You can also ensue the amount of vegetables you eat to add volume and pleasure while you eat.Feel free to buzz questions on this discussion.


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