A new baby changes your lifestyle. For most this change

A new baby changes your lifestyle. For most this change is good further for me in specific a new baby brought me a new career, which was totally unexpected. I unattended to tryout on maternity leave and ended up starting my own business.

It all started while we sent out our child thank you cards. My husband at the instance ran a digital print company and so we designed and created our acquiesce baby photo cards. We sent them to friends again family and the response received was phenomenal. They loved seeing my daughters little appearance peering extrinsic of the place. She was 5 weeks old and we had propped her hike on the couch surrounded through teddies and her established blanket.

As a first time Mum I was totally shocked by means of the combine of baby presents received also felt compelled to personally thank people who had displayed such tolerance. I bought presents from people who I hardly new, friends of my parents had taken the time to personally knit outfits for my daughter which were well-timed beautiful.

Having at all times been the curious class I began (in between sleeps again feeds) researching the personalised baby cards market. I found to my surprise very little existed. There were a few sites offering cards obscure the baby’s name but none veil a image. My going on frazzled besides land deprived brain starting ticking over and I began to talk over the axiom with my husband. At this stage my daughter was 3 months old besides to perform honest as a new Mum I had adequate to contend with but this new business idea eager me and I couldn’t let irrefutable bid. I began discussing the website with a developer I knew and noncommissioned a fellow Mum who became a graphic designer to help me create the cards.

I was impatient by the fact I could provide products and a service to new Mums and Dads to help them make plain their new arrival or guess thank you for baby gifts. I had been there also was excited when we designed our own cards again knew other Mums again Dads would put on too. We created pre-designed templates which could impersonate personalised online with the baby’s photo, details and personal message and a proof of the card viewed instantly on screen. As a new mum time is very precious, you only have a some windows of opportunity throughout the day to do your own tasks so the last thing you need is to betoken frustrated at a computer attempting to design your cards.

Like many mothers I dreaded the thought of going back to work and leaving my little one. Now I had stumbled across a scene idea (inspired by the birth of my daughter) which would allow me to juggle motherhood again work. It was going to be tough. Starting a new stir at any time is hard, so starting a new business with a new child became ambitious but I felt I needed to give unfeigned a go.

Several years later I am so glad I did. The flexibility of running your own animation has enabled me to work from home also look after my children. or not it’s hard sometimes to effectuate caught into things as you work around the school drop off besides pick up and sure there are plenty of nights working late into the evening but it has been worthwhile. I have been able to attack on a fantastic journey as a new Mum and also venture curiosity the universe of business.

Jane O’Neill runs Babycards.ie – a website specialising access personalized baby cards for memorable occasions such as baby announcements, baby thank you cards, christening and birthday celebrations. trigger your playing cards today.


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